Referendum Sequel Coming This Fall

It’s returning this November: another tax grab attempt from those told by voters that they had enough taxpayer money to work with. They didn’t get the message.

Robbinsdale District 281 will seek more money from voters this fall for the second time in two years, the School Board decided at a work session June 9.

The board’s unanimous decision for a referendum vote Nov. 4 followed a presentation by Unite 281, a committee of parents who have collected 1,000 signatures from people supporting another chance to vote on a school referendum

The interesting part is that not all on the school board are down with it, or the group Unite 281.

“The message from the Unite 281 group did not come across as a message of unity,” [Paul] Magnuson said. “I would like to stress that I hope the community comes together and unites and doesn’t just follow a smaller group of folks who have called themselves to unite, but have engaged in some strong-arm tactics right from the beginning. That isn’t going to be terribly helpful.”

Boardmember Helen Bassett questioned how the district will deal with its three remaining unremodeled elementary school buildings, plus the issues of declining enrollment and the communities’ preference for neighborhood schools.

“I wonder if this is a good time to go out for any kind of referendum, quite frankly,” she said. “We should be thinking about bonding, as well. Maybe we should think about both.”

How much will they ask for this time?

The board will discuss ballot questions, the dollar amount of the operating levy and its potential financial impact on the district at a work session Monday, July 14.

Mack assured the board there’s still time to change their minds about a referendum.

What part of “NO” did they not understand last November? Let them know how you feel.

  • Source: MN Sun Post
  • Unite 281 web site (not much useful information displayed, but it features a full list of union/school PAC supporter links).


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