Former Cooper Hockey Coach Sentenced For Sexual Misconduct

This update from KSTP-TV (with video at link):

A former Robbinsdale Cooper girls’ hockey coach was sentenced Wednesday to one-year in the workhouse after pleading guilty to third degree sexual conduct.

Nathan Paul Antrim, 35, of Rogers, is accused of having sex with a now 17-year-old female player, sending her suggestive text messages and buying her gifts such as a cell phone and an iPod.

Antrim has already served 53 days of his prison sentence.

The victim’s father was in the Hennepin County courtroom at the sentencing and talked about the impact this situation has had on his daughter. He said she has been asked not to return to her hockey team and is depressed feeling like she let down her family.

Antrim apologized to the victim’s family in court, saying this has changed his entire life. He said he is seeking treatment for drug and alcohol issues.

The judge could’ve imposed a $30,000 fine on Antrim, but instead said that restitution should be paid to the family to help cover the teen’s counseling costs. That amount has not yet been determined.

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One Response to “Former Cooper Hockey Coach Sentenced For Sexual Misconduct”

  1. kelsey Says:

    as a member of the team i am going to say that neither party involved is respected by the team and should not in any case be allowed back. what they did gave us a terrible reputation and emotionaly drained us. They both took part in a very selfish thing that has caused us much stress

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