281 School Board shaves off $107,000 and proposes a $44.4 million tax levy. Thanks, but no thanks.

With 281 district enrollment and school performance declining, your taxes should be, too. But not if the Robbinsdale School Board has their way. An email from Robbinsdale Schools today had this clip:

The Robbinsdale Area School Board approved a $44.4 million proposed tax levy at its meeting of Sept. 22, a decrease of $107,000 from the previous year, and the third year of stable or lower levies. The maximum 2008 tax levy, payable 2009, that the board could have levied was $45.7 million, but the board accepted the recommendation of the Financial Advisory Council to decrease the building construction levy by $1.3 million because the district’s major facilities deferred maintenance (renovation) projects have slowed. In comparison, the district levied $47.7 million in 1990, $50.4 million in 1995, and $51.1 million in 2000. The levy amount will increase if a levy referendum is approved on Nov. 4.

The total tax levy includes revenue for the operating fund, which provides revenue for the district’s general and transportation fund; the building construction fund, which provides revenue for deferred maintenance of district facilities; the community education fund; and the debt service fund. The general fund levy, which is mainly based on enrollment, will decrease by $910,000. This decrease is in the capital expenditure portion of the fund used for equipment purchases. Debt service, which pays the principal and interest on bonds sold for deferred maintenance on district buildings, will increase by $1.9 million. The district has completed major deferred maintenance of 11 district schools over the last 10 years, extending their life by an estimated 40 – 50 years.

The board’s approval of the proposed levy is the next step in the budgeting process for the 2009-10 school year. Because the levy would decrease, the district is not required to hold a Truth-in-Taxation hearing, but will offer the opportunity for taxpayers to comment at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 2 in the Education Service Center boardroom, 4148 Winnetka Ave. N., New Hope.

December 2 – one month after the election! Do go and voice your opinions (though it’s too late, at least you’ll be heard).

For now, you can contact 281 CARE and help defeat the referendum again this year. Tell District 281 that no means NO!

3 Responses to “281 School Board shaves off $107,000 and proposes a $44.4 million tax levy. Thanks, but no thanks.”

  1. pawlenty Says:

    maybe you can bring paul dorr in again to ruin my children’s education and lower our property values even more. can you help teach because we now have almost 40 kids per classroom bevause of you Ron Stoffel.

  2. 281exposed Says:

    The comment above shows the failings of our public school system and highlights the ignorance of the commenter.

    Furthermore, I am not Ron Stoffel.

    Have a nice day, Sherlock.

  3. maryjanedoh Says:

    Can you back up your pathetic rantings with any facts? If your “children’s education” is being “ruined” it’s more likely because their own parent can’t construct a sentence. Stupid is as stupid does. “40 kids per classroom”?
    That’s an outright lie. Great example you’re setting for the little sponges.

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