Letter to the Editor: Pay a Visit to Forest

From the October 15 Sun-Post:

To The Editor:

I recently received two separate mailings from the Robbinsdale School District regarding the tax levy referendum on Nov. 4.

They did not contain any information regarding the term of the levy, or the total amount of money the district hoped to realize.

After a number of phone calls, I learned that the term of the levy was seven years and would result in an annual tax increase of $9.4 million if both questions on the ballot were approved. This is an additional tax of $222 per year on a home valued at $245,000.

I would never vote for a seven-year tax levy. The school board or administration cannot predict with any accuracy what the future student enrollment or the government action on school funding will be.

One of the publications I received stated that approval of the levy would allow rehiring up to 40 teachers. I am not sure what that would accomplish because the student test scores were no better before they were terminated than they are now.

I suggest that instead of asking the taxpayers for more money, they visit Forest Elementary and find out how they consistently meet the Adequate Yearly Progress standards under the federal No Child Left Behind Act with the funds they have available.

Duane P.
New Hope

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2 Responses to “Letter to the Editor: Pay a Visit to Forest”

  1. 281careless Says:

    Duane P should just go and visit my child’s class with 37 students and talk to the teacher. Duane, why not ask Edian High School or any other schoodl that didn’t meet the insae standards system.

  2. maryjanedoh Says:

    Careless: Which school and which teacher? We would like to verify your claims of 37 students in the classroom and will visit and chat with the teacher.

    Not able to find a “schoodl” in District 281 named “Edian High School”. Even if there were such a place on the planet or in the universe, it would be irrelevant since it’s not in District 281.

    Also, what is “insae standards system” ? I would much rather talk to your teachers and find out how you were able to presumably graduate without the ability to spell, much less construct a sentence.

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