Patsy Green: Arrogant and Partisan

Word in the halls and the streets after seeing this post is not complimentary of School Board Chair Patsy Green.

That Keith Ellison would call her out by her title and specifically mention the Robbinsdale referendum on his literature was not well received by many in the district and in Yes 281. Some also feel this move by Green hurts the referendum support cause.

Keith Ellison invite to Patsy Greens home.

One regarded Green’s blatant partisanship to be arrogant, while many parents are working hard to pass the referendum. Since Ellison does not live in (or is affiliated with) the Robbinsdale district), why did he publish this and why did Patsy Green allow it?

Ask Patsy Green: Is Robbinsdale School District 281 officially endorsing Keith Ellison, Al Franken and Barack Obama?

P.S. Green’s term expires next year. Let’s make sure she’s not re-elected.

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9 Responses to “Patsy Green: Arrogant and Partisan”

  1. 281careless Says:

    Now let me get this straight. The issue is now about Patsy Green’s DFL event? C’mon on Ron. Tell my child who lost programs this year that he really enjoyed, and will lose Choir and orchestra next year if the referendum doesn’t pass, because of some spin you put on an invitation? Doesn’t the card say that Ellison wants to listen to voters views on the referendum? It doesn’t say he wants to promote the yes side. Oh. by the way he is affiliated with our district. Is he not running for Congress in the 5th District. Is Robbinsdale 281 not part of this district? Mountain out of mole hill. Is that what my lieing robotic call will be this year from your group? Patsy Green had a party. Do you think she should be partying while the distict need to pass a referendum? She must not care. IS that the message?

  2. 281 Exposed Says:

    You’re missing the point, careless, and you’re living up to your screen name. This stunt was a bad mistake on Patsy Green’s part. If she cared, she would have edited that post card. She has every right to hold a candidate party as a private citizen, but not representing Robbinsdale Schools.

    We all want 281 schools to be great again, but as long as this school board mucks it up, we’ll be here for those seeking the truth. This superintendent and school board has again failed us, and we’re calling them out.

    PS: You’re addressing the wrong guy. We’re not Ron and we’re not affiliated with 281 CARE.

  3. theobald7 Says:

    I think the reason careless missed the point is that there was no point to come into contact with.

    The invitation came from Ellison who has certainly endorsed the referedndum not Patsy Green. Ellison referred to Green by her title, something which she indisputably is.

    If Ellison’s opponent, Barbara Davis White, wants to have a house party at Patsy Green’s house, why doesn’t she just ask? The Ellison campaign has already provided a form invitation for her to use. All she has to do is substitute her name for Ellison’s.

  4. 281careless Says:

    Comment deleted by moderator.

  5. maryjanedoh Says:

    Careless: Choir and Orchestra have nothing to do with Academics. Put your money where your mouth is and pay for your children’s extra curricular activities yourself, or at least take up a fund of the willing.

    Thinking people know this money grab has nothing to do with “The Children” and everything to do with more benefits for union members and the administration, in other words – adults behaving badly. If they were good stewards of our money they wouldn’t have cut those programs in the first place.

    I must admit though, it was a clever step on their part to do so, because it got a lot of parents to come forward and blame those of us who are already squeezed to death by taxes for their greed and incompetence.

  6. mrstyle Says:

    My kid’s class sizes went up 30 percent, and the kids are having a harder time learning. Decreasing class size will happen if the referendum passes. I’m voting yes.

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