Letter: “Send a no message”

From the MN Sun-Post:

To the editor:

Recent literature left on my doorstep promoting the District 281 referendum points out “Property Tax Relief is Available.”

Are we to infer these existing state programs negate the yearly $222 per average home the 281 referendum will cost?

The Legislature has increased school districts’ funding to make voters think they are “working hard” for property tax relief, still the school district says the vitality of the community depends on millions more from a referendum.

Who are state tax relief programs intended for, the school district?

I recall Channel 5 news reporting last year on the consequences of the failed referendum coming up with a student contriving to convince viewers that if he couldn’t play golf he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on other studies.

Does the vitality of the community really depend on students playing golf at taxpayers’ expense?

In the presidential debate, Sen. Obama referenced that a family must budget by looking at income and then determining what they can spend. It’s time for taxpayers to insist that school districts and city councils do the same, as opposed to calling a list of things they want a budget and inevitably when there is not enough tax money to pay for everything, present it to the public as a crippling cut to that “budget.”

This referendum is not about educating children. It is about ever higher property taxes making housing unaffordable.

Voting no on the District 281 referendum is a chance to send that message.

Mike D.
Brooklyn Park


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