The one chart Yes 281 doesn’t want you to see

Chart: Enrollment and Revenue (RSD 281)

Total enrollment (blue line) & General Fund Revenue (green line).

281 CARE posted this from the Coalition for Minnesota Businesses. More data is available there, and the numbers show that 281 doesn’t need more money but more fiscal responsibility.

Join citizens, business owners and concerned parents by voting NO to the ISD 281 Referendum.


5 Responses to “The one chart Yes 281 doesn’t want you to see”

  1. 281careless Says:

    Did you see the one chart Ron didn’t use? Also did you see the site he took the charts from? They were stating the reverse of your conclusion.

  2. 281 Exposed Says:

    Also from the site:

    “Increases in state funding have offset declining enrollment and flat local revenue to push total and special general education revenue up from $89.6 million in 1999 to $123.5 million this year.”

    Vote NO.

  3. give2get Says:

    Hi 281 Exposed,

    What inflation factor was used?

    Is it applicable to a schools typical expenses or the generic CPI?

    I could not find this on their site. This blog explains why I am asking.


  4. 281 Exposed Says:

    We’ll have to inquire about the inflation factor.

    It seems it’s a moot point now, as the referendum appears to have passed.

    Citizens, now is the time to be ever vigilant. As union power grows, performance sadly seems to shrink. Keep a close eye on the school board. And don’t be surprised if Mack decides not to resign now that the money is coming in.

  5. maryjanedoh Says:

    I can dig it. I predicted that the Mack resignation was a ploy designed to grab headlines and garner sympathy for the referendum.

    If it failed he would fade quietly into the sunset. If it passed, which it did, watch for a “comeback” stunt with much fanfare. He will vow to “hold the community together” with a “purpose driven mission”.


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