Referendum gets a pass, Administration does not

Referendum Question 1 passed by 5,593 votes, Referendum Question 2 by 2,639. While those numbers seem a wide margin for a yes victory, 24,490 voted no against 30,083. The community is still divided and concerned about the spending waste as well as the incompetence of some of our school board administration.

While we all want Robbinsdale Schools to be great and to do right by our kids, public schools are failing them in general. 13 out of 16 Robbinsdale schools failed AYP this past year. Gang problems are increasing and student safety is at more risk. Enrollment is shrinking but funding is increasing. Throwing more money at this failing system is not the answer. But concerned and involved parents and citizens can help.

If you care and can commit time to helping, get involved. Ask questions. Demand accountability. Attend school board meetings. RUN for school board (4 openings are coming up in 2009). Prepare, study and help Robbinsdale schools excel again.

The unions are strong and they tell you it’s for the kids: but their special interests, leftist indoctrination, and concern for employee wages/retirement pensions/health insurance prevails over our students’ welfare. Watch closely where your tax dollars are being spent in our district. It deserves to go to our students, not union coffers.

We’ve added a blog to our links, Give2Attain. Though they supported the referendum, we did not (on principle). But we both agree that a lot needs to change in 281 leadership. Check out our other blogroll links for data that ISD 281 may not choose to share with the public.

That our blog’s readership numbers are so high, it tells us that the public is seeking information and other opinions. You deserve access to all of the facts, and 281 Exposed will be here to make sure that happens. If you have a story or issue that needs to be shared with the public, contact us.

2 Responses to “Referendum gets a pass, Administration does not”

  1. give2get Says:

    A slight clarification:
    I think the community, board & administration need to work together to improve the strained relationships. I think citizens that are dissatisfied need to propose some improvement ideas via the 281Care, 281 Exposed, Give2Attain or Speed Gibson blogs. Or better yet, start attending the district listening sessions or board meetings. Even better yet, start volunteering in the schools, and actually experience the good things and challenging things that are happening there.

    Remember: You will find what you are looking for.. (evil or good, sadness or happiness, waste or investment, clouds or silver linings, etc)

  2. 281careless Says:

    I know its about the board seats for you. I was over in Speeds site and there was someone called Guest who was threatening people as a member of some new no group. That is no way to start a new group by threatening the community. Reminds me a lot of a former boy scout troop leader from our school, who happened to oppose any thing that has to do with public schools. He was infuriated they didn’t give him time for a PTA meeting and came to our PTA meeting and threatened people. He was scary, much like Guest over at Speed’s site. Hope they aren’t one in the same, because this guy is certifiable.

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