Letter: Former 281 teachers appalled at administration’s spending on consultants

Two former educators scold Robbinsdale administration for wasteful spending in this letter to the MN Sun-Post editor:

We are two former District 281 educators who have always been extremely supportive of our schools and public education in general. We have a referendum sign in our yard. Our grandchildren go to District 281 schools. You don’t find more supportive people than us.

After reading [the Oct. 16] story about another two consulting firms that are being hired to do yet another study at a cost that would have more than paid for all of the fifth-grade choirs in the district for a year or some other valuable program that was cut, we are appalled.

Our district has many qualified people leading it. We have a knowledgeable board, a well-paid administration, principals and staff that are good resources for planning. It doesn’t matter where the money comes from to pay for these consultants, it is still taxpayer money. We don’t mind paying our taxes for teachers and supplies, but we have had enough studies and planning sessions at great expense.

We need to use the people hired by the district. It seems that everyone is afraid to make a decision. Threats are made to close schools if a referendum doesn’t pass and when it doesn’t, no school is closed. We need our hired district people to make decisions and stick to them. It is impossible to please all of the people on any one issue.

L&N Hammer
Golden Valley

We are appalled, too. Read the article on the $63,100 facilities study here.  Now that more of our tax dollars will pour in, expect a lot more wasteful spending by incompent administrators. Thanks to this vigilant couple who know of what they speak, and for their teaching service.

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4 Responses to “Letter: Former 281 teachers appalled at administration’s spending on consultants”

  1. maryjanedoh Says:

    We read this in the 281 Mouthpiece Thursday and concluded that, while it was a great letter, it was printed much too late. If people could have read it before the election it would have made a difference.

    Instead, just before the election, the 281 Mouthpiece ran an advertisement from the Yes Mafia that was disguised as letters to the editor .


  2. give2get Says:

    Mary, Do you have ideas for improving the district, schools and community? Or do you really prefer to wallow in self pity and complain/accuse others. I personally prefer useful ideas and action.

    Exposed and the Hammer’s, We did such a good job of squeezing the district that our Business Mgr left for another district, and Stan has not replaced them. Also, what we will want to ask in 6 months is what was the payback on investing in these consultants. May be a bad investment or a good investment, only time will tell.

  3. give2get Says:

    Mary, Sorry for being so harsh last night. Must have been tired. By the way, I checked the ad and it clearly stated it was a paid advertisement from YES281. If it was disguised, they did a poor job of concealing it.

  4. maryjanedoh Says:

    By disguised I’m referring to the tiny little banner at the bottom of the page where the disclosure was printed in about 3 pt font and grayscale.

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