Letter: Schools Still Fall Short

To the MN Sun-Post:

As Robbinsdale Area Schools lobbied for votes for the referendum, I decided to meet with a number of school principals and dialogue with the district office. Since I am single with no children, my own research was needed.

Both of my parents were teachers and my father eventually became a college professor. While I am not against funding education, which is the foundation of our economy, I want a greater return on my education investment from the public school system. What I learned still disappoints.

Robbinsdale’s graduation rate is below the state average (Minnesota Department of Education’s website), the district has failed to reach AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) the last two years, only 27 percent of Minnesota ninth-graders will receive a post-high school degree and our students don’t even state the Pledge of Allegiance on a daily basis.

I’m sorry, but my father did not risk his life during World War II so our future leaders and defenders of freedom can make a “pledge to the earth.” How much does it cost to teach respect, honor, accountability and responsibility?

A remarkable group of people trained in the fine art of utilizing a slide rule put a man on the moon. What’s happened? Countries like Slovenia produce higher quality and better achieving students than we do. Sadly, there are systemic problems and it’s time to re-engineer education.

No more excuses. If ISD 281 does not meet AYP by June 2010, then every school board member and every principal needs to immediately resign.

Todd M.

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