Must-watch TV: Minnesota Public Education-At The Crossroads

This local PBS documentary takes about an hour to watch, but gives a valuable insight into Minnesota public schools, and offers changes worth considering. Speed Gibson wrote:

A fellow 281 traveler was up North over Thanksgiving and saw a documentary worth watching: MN Public Education: At the Crossroads by independent producer Ray Gildow. I wrote him and he readily agreed there is more to tell. I’ve watched it twice and I don’t believe I heard the word “union” mentioned once. There were some suspect premises here and there, but it was still a good production given the limited time and resources Mr. Gildow had available.

The solutions aren’t more legislative money and referendums, or growing teacher unions. We’ve seen personally here the profound negative impact they’ve had, with worsening school performance. Removing sports from schools is a great idea.

One person, a “futurist” I believe, said that the schools will ultimately have to shed programs like sports. He also sees the school day lengthening to something like 9 am to 5 pm, which means no homework. Sports and other activities are done in the evenings, after dinner. It’s an intriguing thought.

Bottom line: It’s time to make changes for future success – and it starts with new leadership, bold direction, and futuristic decisions.

One Response to “Must-watch TV: Minnesota Public Education-At The Crossroads”

  1. give2get Says:

    You must have watched a different video than I did. The repeated theme I heard from everyone including the futurist was that there is a significant funding gap that needs to be addressed and we have cut to the bone. Also, we need to stop thinking of education as a cost, and start remembering it is an investment in our country’s future.

    I agree the futurist had some intriguing ideas, though I think it will be hard for American’s to replace the “sports” hero with a “math” hero. Man, I could have been “math” homecoming king…

    As for bold and futuristic decisions. Where do you want RAS to go, or what do you want to see changed in the district? You must have something in mind that you can share with us.

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