The Truth About Teachers Unions


“Big labor unions have destroyed countless American industries, including the Detroit automakers who are now begging Congress for a bailout. But these unions don’t just control factories and assembly lines. Our public education system is a slow-motion car crash, driven by the same union special interests that brought the auto companies to the brink of bankruptcy.

This insightful new video shows how teachers unions protect bad and incompetent teachers, block school reform efforts, and use their members’ dues money to support a radical left-wing agenda.”

One Response to “The Truth About Teachers Unions”

  1. give2get Says:

    Thanks for posting this video. It was interesting. I assume it is somewhat biased to be anti-union, however I do truly believe some teachers share these views. My personal hotspot is tenure… Not sure why any professional would want their profession dishonored and besmudged by protecting questionable performers… Seems illogical if you personally want to be respected in your profession.

    Hopefully, someday the majority of teachers get to a point where they really trust the citizens and districts to do right by them. Since this is the only way to remove a union once it is entrenched.

    The best solution is to treat employees right from the start. My favorite quote regarding the topic is: “those companies that have unions probably deserved them…”

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