281 Referendum: Bait and switch advertising

Remember the dire predictions advertised by the district and Yes281 if the referendums didn’t pass? Enough unsuspecting voters took the bait, and now it has been switched with reality. This 281 resident from FreedomDogs blog writes:

Now it’s time for reality, something Education Minnesota and ISD 281 steadfastly ignore.

Parents in the Robbinsdale School District will get their first look Tuesday at a plan to close up to three schools.

Last week, a consulting firm presented their study findings on Dec. 6, which showed the district has enough classroom space to close up two elementary schools and one middle school.

“I do not see an increase in enrollment in the next 10 years,” said demographer Hazel Reinhardt, a partner in the study.

Robbinsdale Area Schools’ peak enrollment was 28,101 students in 1971. Since then, the school-aged population has declined, and the district’s enrollment has dropped. In 2006, enrollment was 13,087. This year’s enrollment is 12,349, a drop of nearly 750 students.

That’s right. After winning their tax increase, the District wants to close three schools anyway. What a shock. Can you say “bait and switch”?

The levy referendum was in two parts. Part one was to rescind the existing levy. The one they put in place to replace the last levy that just wasn’t enough. Part two was a voter authorization of the new, higher levy that would save the district from calamity. As I said, it passed, and we are all saved. Oops! Details ommitted from the District propaganda.

They always planned on closing schools, cutting jobs and trimming services. To anyone with a brain, that was obvious. When floating a levy referendum, you depend on those not versed in critical thought.

So here’s the punchline. ISD 281 floated a referendum to augment a bad estimation of their financial requirements in the previous levy referendum. Two years from now, they will present another levy referendum to augment their bad estimation of the financial requirements they promised would be met by the current referendum. Anyone see a pattern? It’s no wonder Stan Mack is hanging it up. I don’t know how the man can look at himself in a mirror.

We don’t either, but the real winners (unions) are sleeping fine with the infusion of your tax contributions. The district is holdong two meetings this week, Dec. 16 and 18 on closings. Attend if you can, get involved and consider running for school board. 4 seats are up for election in 2009. We’re deserving of honest, qualified leaders running this operation, who can stop fleecing district residents. Candidate information can be found here.

3 Responses to “281 Referendum: Bait and switch advertising”

  1. 281careless Says:

    Can you find any kind of non-negative, non-paul dorr like spin on anything? Can we at least sit through the meeting and decide what we need to do? The referendum had nothing to do with closing schools. The school board specifically said they would address class size and reinstating school programs with the money. Let’s see what the plasn says before we go all “freedomdogs” on the whole thing! i am alrady getting sick of the posturing going on in regards to a hiden group running a slate of sic candidtaes for the school board and just using this site to begin the onslaught of misinformation.

    • 281 Exposed Says:

      We are not affiliated with Paul Dorr, much as you like to misinform otherwise. Feel free to spin your negativity on your own blog, Careless. Your comments are no longer welcome here.

      All of our “misinformation” posted at 281 Exposed links to the source. We encourage any and all caring citizens interested in running for School Board, not hiding.

  2. give2attain Says:

    The district administration and board are doing exactly what the citizens have asked for. They are eliminating waste and hiring back teachers in order to reduce class sizes and maintain programs/services. This is what they promised, and what they intend to deliver based on what I heard at last nights meeting.

    I’m not sure which alternative you prefer, use tax dollars to maintain unnecessary partially full buildings and unnecessary staff ? Seems this would be a poor use of our tax dollars.

    My advice: Go to Thursdays mtg @ RMS 7 PM, listen to the information and make sure your opinions are voiced. It is best to do this before the recommendations are created.

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