Bring on the counter-movement!

Stan Mack is leaving our district at the end of the school year, and for us it’s not soon enough. The arrogance and iron hand of his treatment to 281 residents and staff didn’t go unnoticed in this letter to the Sun-Post:

In the Dec. 25 issue of the Sun, relating to the breakfast meeting of the District 281 Legislative Action Coalition, I read with apprehension “…Superintendent Stan Mack asked that legislators support their local school boards by not ‘getting involved in counter-movements from constituents.'”

What does he mean by “counter-movements?” A detailed explanation of this statement and its meaning must be made. Does this mean that Superintendent Mack is unilaterally advising that our legislators ignore anyone disputing or contesting decisions made by the District 281 Board or himself?

Is he advising the thwarting of constituent communication, taking away access to our elected legislative officials? Could he be that frightened of disagreement?

Or is he terrified by the thought that taxpayers who pay his salary might diverge from his directives, perhaps providing new or innovative thoughts to their legislators?

Or is he perhaps suggesting that the constitutional guarantee of free access to our elected officials be brought to an end?

It would be most interesting to learn how the legislators attending [the breakfast meeting] reacted to this statement. Are they in agreement with this diktat, or do they differ with this democratically regressive thinking?

Gerald B.
New Hope

If Stan Mack thinks he can threaten legislators to be submissive to their local school boards, wait until November. He, the 281 school board. and the LAC appear drunk with power after the passing of the referendum. The real power lies in the people, and it’s time we remind them who pays their salaries and who can replace them with their votes.

2 Responses to “Bring on the counter-movement!”

  1. give2attain Says:

    I attended the meeting at Armstrong High School where citizens were given the opportunity to meet with the Superintendent search consultants. The purpose was to help them understand what the citizens see as the strengths and weaknesses of the district, and what qualities we want in our next Superintendent. From what I could tell, the countermovement did not show up. If you want to be heard, first you need to speak. Please take some time to fill in the online survey at before Tuesday. Thanks

  2. 281 Exposed Says:

    Good news, they finally put up a link!

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