Palestine Day at Robbinsdale Middle School

Found online:

Palestine Day
Sunday April 26, 2009, from 4pm-8pm @ Robbinsdale Middle School. 3730 Toledo Ave N, Robbinsdale.

Directions: From Hwy 100, take 36th Ave E, turn right onto Regent Ave, turn left onto 38th Ave then turn left onto Toledo Ave. The school will be on your left hand side.
Featuring: Allah Made Me Funny, Sanabil-Alquds Dabka Group (Dance troupe from Milwaukee) & Speaker: Br. Hussein Khatib. Refreshments and light meals will be served.

You might not think Allah makes some people funny. For those not familiar with Palestinian activities, watch Minnesota Palestinian activists’ behavior at a rally last January: burning an Israel flag, fighting and shouting down Rep. Keith Ellison:

Here is the link to the website we found the event, filled with some interesting radical organization links and images, including these:



Motto translation: Anonymous Combatant.

This event is not part of RMS (and not shown on their web site calendar), but it calls into question the relationship between FMLN (an El Salvador political group) and Palestine. Is this event promoted at the school?  Contact RMS principal Christina Hester by e-mail, or call 763-504-4801.

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