LTE: “Quitters Do Prosper”

Thanks to Todd in Plymouth for a revealing letter to the editor in the Sun-Post:

The recent article in the Sun Post about the “retirement” package for Stan Mack was unbelievable. I write retirement in quotes because Stan Mack did not retire, he quit.

My neighbor retired last September and now works around the house and reads full time. He is not searching, wanting or expecting to find new employment.

We heard for the longest time that Robbinsdale Area Schools needed money to reduce class size to enhance the learning experience. It’s now apparent that Robbinsdale needed money to fund Stan Mack’s “retirement” package.

With the uncertainty on the wall about the levy passing in November, Stan Mack announced his “retirement” to help insure the passage of the levy. He realized that if he was removed from the equation, it had a better chance of passing, and he needed its passage in order to fund his precious “retirement” package.

Once again, even with the voter-approved levy, our students suffer. Money that should go into the system to improve student performance and graduation rates is only siphoned by the exiting superintendent. This is worse than the bonus money provided to Wall Street executives.

I guess quitters do prosper. Not only am I utterly disappointed with Stan Mack, I believe we need to hold the entire School Board accountable for wasting the levy funds on a false retirement. It’s time for an across-the-board change of leadership for Robbinsdale Area Schools.

We’ve heard that he may be getting a job with the state. So even more of our taxes could go to “retired” Stan Mack.


One Response to “LTE: “Quitters Do Prosper””

  1. give2attain Says:

    Though I am not sure what factors motivated the board members 3+ years ago to approve Stan’s contract with what in hindsight looks like a sweet parachute…. Though we have confirmed that many of the amounts, terms and compensation were competitive with other districts. (ie apparently a Supt is a highly compensated position with quite a few cool perks…) The question is did they learn from the experience and remove those certain aspects from Dr. Sicoli’s contract.

    I just thought it was wrong for Todd to imply that the levy was needed to pay for the severence pkg. We would pay that with or without the referendum. The nice thing about being a contracted employee.

    Since it is easy to throw rocks at an organization the size of RAS, my question is what vision and skills should the new board members have? What does a “successful RAS” look like 5 yrs from now? The vitality of our communitees are partially reliant on us getting that right.. Enough stones?

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