Patsy Green to run again for school board

Green announced her candidacy in the MN Sun Post August 13. A section read:

My ongoing priorities are:
– Academic excellence
– Stable funding for public education
– Effective and efficient programs
– Lower class sizes
– Productive communication

Great schools are key to good communities. I will provide the continuity crucial to keep this district moving in the direction so many residents wanted through their input in the strategic plan and successful referendum.

The only continuity Green has provided our district is ineptitude, and we give her a failing grade on all of her “priorities.”   Read our archived posts for a history of Green’s performance as former Chair:

If there’s one candidate who doesn’t deserve re-election, it’s Patsy Green. The Sun Post announced Linda Johnson is seeking re-election, and we are hearing that Tom Walsh and Jonas Buegen may also run again.

We are also hearing that the field of opposing candidates is growing and we’ll post info on them as we get information. Candidates can file to run for school board Tuesday, August 25 through Tuesday, September 8, with a filing fee of $2. Two dollars and enough votes can buy a lot of healthy change in the district!

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4 Responses to “Patsy Green to run again for school board”

  1. give2attain Says:

    Now I don’t always agree with Patsy, she seems to lean too much towards the “let’s give everything to the kids”/choice and then “find the funding” camp for me. However, she also is incredibly dedicated, cares maybe too much and works very hard for the community and kids.

    With that background, do you have any specific votes that you disagreed with her on? What is the opposition platform?

    I am just hoping we can keep the campaigns/critiques focused on the issues and platforms.

    As for the partisan or not issue. It seemed like a non-issue to me since we all have our political affiliations and have the freedom to voice them. Seemed like trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. This from a guy who votes 99% Republican.

  2. give2attain Says:

    Maybe I answered my own question. This silliness that RAS needs to actively block competition is probably enough of a reason to get new Board leadership.

    Especially, when it was the citizen’s that paid to build the Schools for their community kids, not RAS…. If RAS can’t keep them full, then let someone else. Don’t demolish them out of fear that you can not compete. What a complete waste of the public’s funds…
    Sun Post – Charters

    The charters do have a few competitive benefits, yet I think RAS should have more given their funding and size. Its like Goliath saying I don’t want to fight David because I am scared of that little boy.


  3. 281 Exposed Says:


    You nailed it. RAS doesn’t want competition, because they seem to value owning Goliath failure over student success. 14 out of 16 schools in our district have failed AYP. It confounds us here.

    New board leadership is a must. Our kids deserve better and deserve choice!

  4. give2attain Says:

    I was probably a bit harsh. The reality is that they are the RAS Board and are therefore responsible for “RAS and the RAS students”. This means maximizing funding and programs for RAS and its students. From this paradigm they are probably making the correct decision. (Target fighting against a proposed Walmart) Though I still think administrations and employees work more efficiently with higher quality when challenged through competition. (ie Walmart and Target near each other)

    Whereas my focus is the community and its kids. From this vantage point, selling public buildings to competitive schools can only be a good thing for the community’s kids. Especially when compared to demolishing usable schools…

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