11 file to run for school board

Please note that non-incumbent candidates have links with their names that point to their website. Profiles on candidates are at the MN Sun-Post. The League of Women voters Candidate Forum October 22 will be videotaped for rebroadcast at Channel 12.

From the MN Sun Post:

Eleven people have filed to be on the ballot for the Robbinsdale District 281 School Board election Nov. 3. Filing for the four, four-year terms are:

  • Darlene Baker, Plymouth
  • Mark Bomchill, Plymouth – Endorsed by RFT (teacher’s union) and supported the 2008 Vote Yes referendum.
  • Richard J. Brytnteson, Crystal – Not endorsed by RFT
  • Incumbent Patricia (Patsy) Green, New Hope – Endorsed by RFT
  • Incumbent Linda Johnson, Golden Valley – Endorsed by RFT
  • Jim Oathout, Crystal – Not endorsed by RFT
  • Andrew Richter, Crystal – Not endorsed by RFT
  • Beth Sharpe, Brooklyn Center – PTO President of Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion – Star Tribune article – worked on both Vote Yes referendums.
  • Sue Stavenau, Plymouth
  • Incumbent Tom Walsh, Plymouth – Endorsed by RFT
  • Brian Zirbes, Crystal.

Read candidate statements at MN Sun-Post. Download candidate contact information here. (PDF)

We will post non-incumbent candidates updates and events as soon as we get them. Our first suggestion is to support any candidate who is not backed by the union (Robbinsdale Federation of Teachers, Education Minnesota). Those who aren’t will tend to vote for the benefit of the student, not the union. Our second is to avoid the candidate whose supporter writes a letter to the Sun Post stating her qualifications are ridding their neighborhood pond of algae. Yes, that would be Patsy Green.

6 Responses to “11 file to run for school board”

  1. give2attain Says:

    Who is Robbinsdale Federation of Teachers and Education Minnesota endorsing? Do they have a web site we can check out? Just wondering…

  2. justanaveragejoe Says:

    Who is Care 281 endorsing?

  3. 281 Exposed Says:

    We don’t know. Did you ask them, Joe?

  4. maryjanedoh Says:

    Thanks for the Town Hall info and keeping us informed.

  5. flamingskull39 Says:

    I see that Bomchill seems to have gotten an endorsement from the teacher’s union, but I also see on his official Facebook page that he has some beliefs on creationism and science education that should have prevented his getting endorsed by any union that includes science teachers! Who dropped the ball on that one?

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