Pride and Prejudice: Sherry Tyrrell

First off, thanks to Give2Attain for providing helpful links for Robbinsdale district voters, including 3 from our site. It’s important for voters to get candidate information so they can to make an informed decision on November 3. One link provides the latest League of Women Voters newsletter, and LWV is hosting our school board candidate forum October 22.

When reading the “Presidents Letter”, we find that the President is Sherry Tyrrell, a sitting RSD school board member. This comment in her president’s letter was interesting:

We’ve come a long way baby! We have witnessed many firsts: the first woman to serve in the Senate, the first to serve on the Supreme Court, a presidential candidate who was almost taken seriously (oops, editorializing!)

How’s that for feminist irony from a supposed non-partisan organization: LWV President Sherry Tyrrell publicly mocks a FEMALE PRESIDENTIAL candidate? Perhaps we’ve not come a long way, baby. Will the LWV be impartial to the male candidates, or those not following their agenda template on October 22? Let’s all make sure that the LWV candidate forum is handled without gender prejudice by its president, who thinks that she is taken seriously (oops, editorializing!).

2 Responses to “Pride and Prejudice: Sherry Tyrrell”

  1. give2attain Says:

    By the way, thank you for the info.

    Now, same old question. What do you want to do for or with the school district? What is the more conservative side thinking about for a platform?

    Or do you believe picking apart people’s words and intentions will help us attain the goal of providing a great and cost effective school system for the kids of the community. Thereby strengthening our community by attracting excellent citizens and improving our property values.

    My viewpoint is, we can either fight with each other within the community, or fight together for the community…. It will be interesting to see what we choose.

  2. give2attain Says:

    One more thought, if you don’t have a vision or plan. Then at least take a moment and post what different choices you would have made during the last 2 years. I think it would be interesting to hear. (since you seem to be so frustrated with the incumbents) You should have it easier since you will have the benefit of hindsight, and no citizen base calling you daily to beg for their special cause…

    As everyone knows, I haven’t always agreed with the board. However, I do respect the challenges they have faced and how they have tried to struggle through it… I am not sure who I am voting for, but I will give all candidates a fair hearing.

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