Robbinsdale School board candidate forum

The forum was held Oct. 22 in a very packed boardroom at the ESC. You can watch it on Channel 12 (cable). Call 763-533-8196 for information or go to

The replay schedule is:

Saturday, October 24 – 5pm
Sunday, October 25 – 9am
Monday, October 26 – 8:30pm
Monday, October 26 – 11pm
Tuesday, October 27 – 3am

Candidates have recorded promotions at Channel 12, paired in twos. Watch Darlene Baker and Jim Oathout. Check Channel 12 archives for other candidates, and we’ll link others soon. Candidate Andrew Richter’s show airs Thursdays, 6:00pm on cable Channel 19 and replayed Fridays at 2 and 10 am.

Required reading: Candidate profiles at MN Sun-Post and our candidate notes.

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