The choice is yours November 3

There are four open seats for School Board (four year terms), and enough votes can radically change the makeup of the board. Speaking of four, that’s the number of Robbinsdale Federation of Teachers ads we counted in one MN Sun Post paper with their four picks (including the 3 incumbents). Could those union dues have gone towards the needs of teachers or students instead of colorful ads in local papers? How much did those 4 ads cost in one paper, let alone other metro editions in the district?

Consider long and hard if re-electing 3 incumbents will take us further down the path of failure. Not sure? Look at school performance results and issues these past 4 years under their watch:

This letter to the editor says:

The last several years have pointed out the difficulty of operating a school district. It is time to shift the paradigm away from bigger is automatically better, more money will solve all crisis and every child needs a special program.

Of course, we all want the best possible outcome for the children the district serves. The question is how do we achieve that outcome, and at what cost? Clearly the status quo isn’t working.

The 2007 referendum failed. The 2008 referendum passed, but district residents feel cheated because three schools were closed. Clearly there is a failure to communicate. There is also a serious need to change how we do things in District 281 Robbinsdale.

You don’t have to vote for four on the ballot. You can pick one, two or three if those candidates are the only ones you like. But a vote for four NEW board members changes the structure and can take us to a better direction with new Superintendent Dr. Sicoli. Here’s a list of candidates with links and our notes:

  • Darlene Baker, Plymouth – Not endorsed by RFT – 10 years in credit union industry, filing compliance reports, 12 years in education
  • Mark Bomchill, Plymouth – Endorsed by RFT (teacher’s union) and supported the 2008 Vote Yes referendum. Opposes alternative facility funding (back door referendums).
  • Richard Brynteson, Crystal – Not endorsed by RFT – Debate Coach, former WAN/LAN Administrator at Robbinsdale Area Schools, supports charter school option.
  • Incumbent Patricia (Patsy) Green, New Hope – Endorsed by RFT
  • Incumbent Linda Johnson, Golden Valley – Endorsed by RFT
  • Jim Oathout, Crystal – Not endorsed by RFT – Commercial educator, supports charter school option
  • Andrew Richter, Crystal – Not endorsed by RFT – Lifelong resident, author, attended 281 schools, refused any endorsements, supports charter school option.
  • Beth Sharpe, Brooklyn Center – Not endorsed by RFT  – PTO President of RSI – Star Tribune article – worked on both Vote Yes referendums.
  • Sue Stavenau, Plymouth – Not endorsed by RFT  but said she’ll work with the union- Business and industry education teacher (on leave), real estate agent.
  • Incumbent Tom Walsh, Plymouth – Endorsed by RFT
  • Brian Zirbes, Crystal – Not endorsed by RFT – Mental health professional with Generations.

Read the candidate profiles for more info and watch the LWV forum.

Find your polling place here and VOTE Tuesday November 3. Robbinsdale Schools will put up voting results on their website and you can watch results on Ed’s TV Cable Channel 22. Check Channel 12 news for election coverage and candidate interviews.

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