The polls are closed

Robbinsdale Schools has an unofficial results page here.

9:15pm Update: 12/15 precincts reporting in… and the RFT alliance of incumbents is winning. The union machine is tough to beat, but we gave it our best shot. Looks like we’ll have plenty of material to work with the next four years. The fourth seat is a closer one… Bomchill leads with Richter not far behind.

9:30pm Update: Looks like Mark Bomchill is the 4th. Union mob rules! Mark, prove us wrong and be a voice of reason. We’ll hold you to your promise of stopping back door referendums (alternative facility funding). Northport’s roof replacement price tag is $5 million. We recommend this alternative funding source: Education Minnesota.

Our thanks to the 8 non-incumbent candidates who fought the good fight to turn our failing district around. We hope you consider running again in 2011.

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