“Retired” Stan Mack a semi-finalist for St. Paul Schools Superintendent

Nov. 15 updated: the Pioneer Press reported Stan Mack did not make it to the final three picks. That sound you hear is a collective sigh of relief.

We noticed a high hit count this week from online searches about Mack and thanks to a reader we know why. They pointed us to this article in the Star Tribune:

When the board announced semifinalists Wednesday for the job of leading the state’s second-largest district, there was only one out-of-state candidate.

The semifinalists are Elk River Superintendent Mark Bezek, North Branch Superintendent Deborah Henton, recently retired Robbinsdale Superintendent Stan Mack, Deputy Superintendent of the Portland, Ore., schools Charles Hopson, and St. Paul employees Chief Academic Officer Valeria Silva and Chief of Schools Nancy Stachel.

Read his title (the bold sentence) again. Didn’t Stan Mack “retire” from superintendent work? Guess not – he has another golden parachute opportunity in his sights.

Mack said Wednesday night that he decided not to seek a new three-year contract in Robbinsdale “because I wanted to be available for other opportunities, and St. Paul would be among those,” he said.

He was reluctant to speak too much about the St. Paul job before his interview, but said he’s long admired the St. Paul school district.

“I think it’s a great school district,” Mack said. “I’m honored to be considered for the position.”

We wonder – are you honored or just excited to tag on to your outgoing RSD terms, Mr. Mack? A reminder of his quotes and contract terms in the Sun Post article:

He will not retire from professional education, Mack’s letter stated. “I will be considering pre-K-12 administrative opportunities and other higher education teaching opportunities, beginning in the fall of 2009,” the letter stated.

Compliance with the terms of his three-year contract will qualify Mack for severance, payment of any unused annual leave and other provisions, as well as full family health insurance at current benefit levels, until he reaches the age of 65.

Quitters do prosper! We hope RSD (and Osseo Schools) employees and residents will tell their less than positive experiences with Mack to St. Paul Schools to help keep him in retirement.

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One Response to ““Retired” Stan Mack a semi-finalist for St. Paul Schools Superintendent”

  1. 281 CARE Says:

    We have sent/posted comments regarding Stan Mack already on the Star Tribune’s on-line website article. Also, several other on-line articles that are reporting on this matter.

    We are very happy Stan Mack is gone from RAS, but don’t wish him on any other school district.

    Please send comments to the St. Paul school board and post on the various on-line articles. http://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2009/11/11/superintendent-finalists/ . http://www.twincities.com/news/ci_13766395?source=rss

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