Problems at RMS?

A few residents have informed us that the police were at Robbinsdale Middle School last week breaking up fights.  On Friday a statement condemning these fights by Principal Tom Henderlite was read over the PA by a student!  Is that not the principal’s job?  Several parents have told us that the kids are rude to the staff and that the inmates are running the asylum.  They are also considering their “educational options.”  If anyone has more info on this feel free to post a comment.

Update 2/21: Thanks to a RMS staff member who wrote in to clarify one fight incident on 2/11. There was a verbal argument between two racial groups of students. The police liasons were at training that day so city police were filling in. Principal Henderlite made announcements several times on the 11th, and the next day a student read an updated statement.

One Response to “Problems at RMS?”

  1. 281careless Says:

    So, we bring 1500 kids together from all sorts of schools and expect nirvana, correct? If you want a feel for what’s going on at RMS, go there. I do. It will get your feet grounded in reality, not just a bunch of hearsay from some scaredy parents. Kids not respecting teachers….hmm. I think I see that EVERYWHERE! Not saying that is correct, but it is the reality from Edina to Minneapolis. That starts at home, not school…not Tom Henderlite. “Inmates running the asylum?” that comment is so ridiculous it is not worth commenting on.

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