District 281 denies the citizens a vote

Get ready to open your checkbook yet again for district 281.  At the March 15 meeting District 281 submitted a plan to the Minnesota Department of Education to hike our taxes a cool $33 million to pay for repairs at Northport and Lakeview Elementary schools.  And is District 281 asking our permission to raise our taxes yet again?  Of course not.  If they have it their way, there will be no bond referendum.  As usual, we aren’t taken by surprise but check out the school board’s comments about it in the March 17 edition of the Sun Post.  Here is a sample;

Linda Johnson:

“We are all concerned about passing a bond referendum. That would take a lot of community education.”

Community education?  Are we dumb?  Isn’t it your job to explain these decisions to the public?

Tom Walsh:

“The Northport area has no history of supporting referendums, so it would be really an uphill battle.”

Maybe they are broke and don’t want to pay you more!

Barb Van Heel was perhaps the most outspoken about not giving the voters a voice;

“I just don’t think a bond referendum will pass. You’ve got to have a grass roots organization ready to go out there. We don’t have that.”

Unreal.   They admit they are unsure if a bond referendum will pass so they pass one for us!  Nice to know they are serving us so well.  And what happened to Mark Bomchill’s campaign “promises” to not support a “back door referendum” as he put it?  Sure didn’t take him long to flip-flop.

The Minnesota Department of Education has 60 days approve this plan.  Let’s hope they don’t just rubber stamp it.

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