Where are the For Sale signs?

For months the RAS school board was telling the citizens that we couldn’t sell Pilgrim Lane or Olson Elementary Schools because we may have to use them to house students while renovating Northport and Lakeview Elementary schools.  Since the district decided to pass a “back door referendum” taking away our right to vote on tax hikes to renovate Northport and Lakeview, there is now no reason to keep Pilgram Lane and Olson.

What is the divestiture committee doing right now?  They have been meeting for a year and the only action has been the proposed sale of Hosterman Middle School to District 287.  Why don’t we have For Sale Signs at Pilgram Lane and Olson?  What is the holdup?  After the facilities study, the district seemed enthusiastic about selling our surplus property, but now our guess is that District 281 will make every excuse they can on why they SHOULDN’T sell the land.  If we sell these properties we can perhaps off set some of the costs of Northport and Lakeview.  We welcome your thoughts.

One Response to “Where are the For Sale signs?”

  1. give2attain Says:

    Excellent post.

    I agree that the district should turn the land into cash so they can minimize their need for alternative funding dollars.

    As you are aware, I don’t mind new taxes when they are needed for something good. However, new taxes because folks are unwilling to expedite the sale of their assets make no sense. Especially in a relatively low income community.

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