Spending our money….

In the July 1 edition of the Sun Post, it was reported that District 281 has reached agreements with our administration employees.  Folks, this is where the money is — listen to what these people are pulling down:

The Executive Director of Community Education, the Executive Director of Human Resources, and the Executive Director of Technology, will get more than $120,000  APIECE  for the 09-10 year.  Then their salaries will jump to nearly $130,000 for the 10-11 school year.   The Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and learning will make over $130,000 for both years and the Executive Director Educational Services is also pulling in over $130,000.  Lonnie Smith, the new Director of Business Services, will pull down $156,019 for the 10-11 school year and get $50 for his cell phone.  Dr. Sicoli’s salary is roughly $177,000 for the upcoming year as well.

Now we know we just threw a lot of numbers at you but according to our Minnesota math the district will spend  nearly $1 million on the salaries of SEVEN employees next year.  Of course this doesn’t include health insurance, retirement benefits, vacation time, or sick time.  And, though we think Lonnie Smith is an outstanding hire, at 156K is it unreasonable for him to pay for his own cell phone?

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