Spending our Money Part 2

How did we overlook this great article in July 1 edition of the Sun Post;

Money Spent on fluff?

For months now, we’ve been subjected to the constant bleating from the usual groups that our schools are underfunded and we need to give, give, give lest the children suffer.  Imagine my consternation when I read that District 281 is now going to change the names of three schools.  Some schools now become learning centers and vice-versa.

Here is the truly maddening part; the Robbinsdale Middle School has already had several name changes- from a school to a learning center and now back to a school.  Funny, I thought schools were learning centers.  I must be old school.

How much is this going to cost?  New stationary, new building signage and the hidden costs: I.T. folks modifying the web sites and all of the other administrative costs associated with these changes.

I fail to see how changing part of the building’s name will in any way improve the school’s (learning center’s) ability to educate the students.  At a time when state and school budgets are being slashed, District 281 is one again blissfully spending on fluff.

I’ve got an idea.  When 41% of District 281 students failed the state math test and 34 %  failed reading (Star Tribune), perhaps the district should maybe, perhaps, focus on some basics instead of wasting resources like this.  According to the Star Tribune article, District 281 has not met the minimum standards since 2006.

But at least we have some nice new names on our buildings!

Wade and Julie English of New Hope

Wow!  Terrific job Mr. and Mrs. English!  When the district seeks another referendum in 2011 or 2012 (which they will even though they try and deny it of course), we can remind them of how they continue to spend our money.

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