To Divest or Not Divest?

So the Divestiture Committee has finally, after one year of looking at this, come to the district with recommendations for the unused property.  The committee recommended that the district sell four properties,  Hosterman (which is already being sold), old Highview, Cavanagh and Winnetka and retain three properties, New Hope, Olson and Pilgrim Lane.  But, as usual, there are several catches.  Here is the first part…

“First, Cavanagh and Winnetka would not be sold until programs in the facilities moved into the former Sandburg Middle School in approximately two years. Olson and Pilgrim Lane would be retained pending the outcome of a budget planning committee process that is currently underway.”

Olson and Pilgram Lane need to be retained?  What about the back door referendum?  Since the district is planning to use that do redo Northport and Lakeview without a public vote on yet ANOTHER tax increase despite promises by some not to do so (right Mark Bomchill?), why is it necessary then retain these two properties?  We could at the very minimum put them on the market just to see what kind of offers we get.  And of course the district doesn’t want you to have any freedom of choice….

“The committee further recommended deed restrictions prohibiting any future use that would compete for students in district programs.”

Of course!  We don’t want any kids, especially the poor oppressed kids in so-called poverty, to have any chance to better themselves by going to a better school.  No we can’t have that!  And here I thought education was all about the children.

I wouldn’t expect any of this unused property to be sold anytime soon.  The full report is available at the district’s website.

2 Responses to “To Divest or Not Divest?”

  1. give2attain Says:

    Here was what I wrote to a committee member upon seeing the rough draft in June. I am assuming I will be posting something similar later this week. I need to take sometime to look at it from a few different viewpoints… Maybe I am missing something that they see…

    “Hi _____,

    Here are some quick thoughts, many you have heard before:

    – Olson and Pilgrim should be sold rather than pursuing more Magnets

    – Restrictions should not be put in place to prevent other schools from buying the sold buildings. Do we lack all confidence in our school’s ability to compete???

    – If Olson and Pilgrim are to be held, the Cavanaugh and Winnetka Learning Center programs should be moved there for 2 yrs. Or 287 should move to these 2 bldgs, and just bus the kids that need it to the pool. Either would open Cavanaugh and Winnetka for immediate sale and access to much needed capital. And it will take a couple years for them to gear up their magnet(s)…

    Thank you for sitting on this committee, I am not sure I would have had the patience. I’ll post on this as soon as it becomes public info. Have a great week !!!


  2. 281 Exposed Says:

    Good letter, Give. We like your idea of moving the Cavanaugh and Winnetka stuff to Olson or Pilgram. Let us know what you hear or when you put a post up about this.

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