District 281 Celebrates “Free Money”

One thing you hopefully learn throughout life is that there is no such thing as free money.  But you wouldn’t know that if you visit the district’s website where there is an article about President Obama’s hair-brained “education jobs bill.”  The website says the following;

A bill to rehire educators affected by layoffs while increasing student learning opportunities has been passed by Congress.  The federal Education Jobs Fund provides $10 billion to help save an estimated 160,000 jobs for teachers and other school-based professionals nationwide.

Think about how wrong the title is; An Education Jobs Bill.  Mr. President do we have schools to provide jobs for your union friends?  The truth is this is just the latest sorry excuse for a stimulus/bailout bill by desperate Democrats after Obama’s first three stimulus bills have failed.  Then he’ll try to take credit for “jobs saved.”  If we continue to bail out states, cities, counties, and school districts, with “federal money,” or to be more accurate, China’s money, what incentive to these institutions have to change the way they do business?  And by the way District 281….state money, local money, and federal money was all our money first.   This money is NOT free!

Minnesota’s projected allocation of nearly $167 million could restore an estimated 2,800 jobs lost in recent layoffs and allow districts to recruit additional staff, avoiding larger class sizes and cuts to education services that impact student achievement. The law prohibits use of the funding for debt retirement, “rainy day” funds, or for administrative purposes. The funding must be used for personnel who provide direct school-based services.  The Minnesota Department of Education’s preliminary estimate of federal jobs legislation funding for Robbinsdale Area Schools is $2.2 million, according to information received Aug. 30. The district has started discussions about how the money could be used.

They are going to talk about how to spend the money?  Like we don’t know what they are going to do!  They will put more employees on the union payroll, the same thing they did with referendum money and with the first failed “stimulus bill.”  Hello Robbinsdale Federation of Teachers!

Schools are allowed to spend the funds in 2010-2011 and/or 2011-2012, however, receiving funds after the beginning of the school year may limit the ways school districts can use the money.  The district will take into careful consideration the timing of the delivery of the funds and how the state’s fiscal situation may impact the use of these funds.

So what happens at the end of 2012?  What will happen to all the employees we “re-hire?”  Ah, who cares!  For now let’s just celebrate FREE MONEY!  Everyone dance in the streets!!  We have FREE MONEY!!!

One Response to “District 281 Celebrates “Free Money””

  1. concernedcitizen55441 Says:

    Am I missing the quote from the district or the President where it says the money is “free money” or that they consider it as such? Surely it must be there, as it is the premise of this blog post. Are you suggesting that your child would NOT be better off in a smaller classroom and with more support, even if only for the two years? Are you suggesting that the country would be better off with another 160,000 people on unemployment ratehr than gainfully employed and paying taxes and making purchases and paying their mortgages? I guess your point is unclear.

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