Fixing Public Education: Waiting for Superman

“It’s possible. Together we can fix education.” Find out more here.

Minnesota educational stats:

  1. 33% College readiness rate (2002)
  2. 79% High school graduation rate (2009)

2 Responses to “Fixing Public Education: Waiting for Superman”

  1. give2attain Says:

    Looks like a very interesting movie, especially with Michelle Rhee and Geoffrey Canada giving their very valuable perspectives. They should know this topic about as well as anyone.

    A bit odd that the Director also did an “An Inconvenient Truth”. I suppose Liberal and Conservative documentaries pay the same…

  2. 281 Exposed Says:

    It is weird that the director of Al Gore’s movie is directing this one, but then again education is a bipartisan problem. Democrats just throw money at it and Republicans talk about change and never do it!

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