Enhancing Security?

Here is an interesting post about putting in security cameras at our schools.  Apparently the district has received a grant (ie; federal tax dollars) to “enhance security” at the schools in New Hope.

From http://www.rdale.org

Federal SOS grant to enhance safety at New Hope schools

New Hope, Minnesota—The City of New Hope, in partnership with Robbinsdale Area Schools, has been awarded a “Secure Our Schools” (SOS) grant in the amount of $112,620 from the U.S. Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program.

Co-authored by Robbinsdale Redesign Program Director Melodie Hanson, Robbinsdale Area Schools Safety & Security Director Brian Koch, and New Hope Chief of Police Gary Link, the grant will fund the installation of needed school safety and security equipment at Robbinsdale Cooper High School, Meadow Lake Elementary, Sonnesyn Elementary and Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion (RSI), as well as several ongoing crisis prevention and response programs. The funds will provide infrastructure updates for the security camera system at Cooper, upgrades to the exterior gymnasium doors at Cooper, and additional interior hallway cameras at RSI, Sonnesyn and Meadow Lake Elementary Schools.

This year’s grant for New Hope schools represents the fifth year an SOS award has been received by the district in cooperation with local municipalities. The SOS grant received in 2009 funded safety improvements at Robbinsdale Middle School and Lakeview Elementary School in the City of Robbinsdale, while the 2008 SOS grant funded improvements for schools within the City of Plymouth.

“These funds demonstrate the importance of collaboration in ongoing safety and security planning,” said Koch. “The grant will assist the district and local law enforcement in advancing their ongoing commitment to ensuring safety and security for students, staff and community.”

Now we realize that Federal money (which is still our money or at least the 53% of us that actually pay federal taxes) comes with strings attached.  Perhaps we have few options here.  You want to upgrade doors at Cooper’s gymnasium?  Fine with us.  Should Cooper have a security camera?  We suppose.  But cameras at Meadow Lake, Sonnesyn, and RSI?   Is there a gang problem at these schools?  If there have been issues please feel free to comment here but we don’t think that spending money on cameras at elementary schools is a good way to spend our money.

4 Responses to “Enhancing Security?”

  1. concernedcitizen55441 Says:

    Cameras are used for other things as well. Crime. Assault. You’d be amazed how many families have a restraining order on a non-custodial family member, for example. Like usual, you are assuming kids are the problem. It’s almost always adults. I also don’t like the implicit racism in Cooper and gangs being the only acceptable reason to add cameras to the building. Why not simply “fights”? Or vandalism? Why not Armstrong? Subtle, yet tangible.

  2. give2attain Says:

    Based on my time in the schools, the elementary schools probably need the video systems more. I only say this because they seem pretty wide open to whoever chooses to walk in and they do not have on site Police. PMS on the other hand has locked doors that prevent “uninvited guests” from entering the school. If they do not sign in, they do not get in during the day…

    As for the High Schools, the unfortunate reality is that these schools are larger than the whole town that I went to school in. They need Police and Security systems to ensure the kids are kept safe. The linked event occurred at PMS, even with it’s security. PMS Man with Knife Thank God for Security and Police.

    The upside to Canby MN is that there were not too many loonies surrounding the town or the school… Just corn fields, bean fields, pastures, farmers, livestock and the occasional over partied vo-techer…

    By the way, though I agree with CC55441 regarding the additional reasons for security systems. (ie stupid adults) I whole heartedly disagree with their “racism” over sensitivity… I think they were looking pretty hard for what they wanted to see in your comments… You of course did not mention AHS because they are not part of the story. (ie New Hope money) And I assume you used “gangs” as a general term to paint a picture of potential violence in an elementary school. Finally, I think it is CC55441 relating “Gangs” to “Race”… I personally see Gangs crossing all Races… Classic Caucasian gangs include Skin Heads, Hell’s Angels, etc)

    The reality is that you can always find some gray in the sky if you look hard enough..

  3. concernedcitizen55441 Says:

    I’m not looking for racism, give2. I just found it. I’m not judging. I was just pointing it out. Someone needs to unpack his/her invisible backpack.

  4. give2attain Says:

    I am sure we are willing to help you unpack whenever you are interested. Have a great weekend !!!

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