Yet Another Great Letter to the Editor

What’s wrong with peoples’ attitudes as they relate to the spending of public money?

One answer came in a short item in the Dec. 2 edition of the Sun Post.

A federal program called the Teacher Recovery Act has funneled $1.3 million into Hopkins Public Schools. The entire amount was promptly spent in celebratory fashion.  Good for the Sun Post for being intellectually honest enough to mention that this infusion of money was a one-time occurrence.

But what to tell the Hopkins School Board? Out of lack of long-term forethought, they spent that $1.3 million on increased personnel. Since this money was a one-time allocation, what will happen to these new hires when the money runs out?  Will Hopkins Schools be able to afford to keep them employed? Will they scramble to scare up new money to avert mass layoffs that, as I expect, will be blamed on the avarice of people of certain political persuasions and their unwillingness to make the necessary investments in a high-quality education?

Will the public, with their short memory and gullibility, believe this lie and forget that all of these school positions were artificially created and unsustainable in the first place?  Hopkins Schools is not the only government body guilty of this irresponsibility.  Everywhere, unsustainable expenses are being funded by one-time cash infusions. Worse yet, these infusions create perceptions of permanence, a dynamic that the oppressionist ruling class is only too happy to cultivate and exploit. Sadly, such tactics succeed with frightening frequency.

Attitudes must change.

Matt Rothchild


Very true Mr. Rothchild, this is a problem at all levels of government including at RAS.  And what do you want to bet that when the temporary federal money (still our money) goes away, they’ll claim federal money is being “cut” when they knew it would not be there.

One Response to “Yet Another Great Letter to the Editor”

  1. give2attain Says:

    I wonder what we as individuals would do if the government gave us $500. However, we could only receive the money if we spent it on a vacation. (ie goal to stimulate USA tourism and provide jobs) Would we book the trip or turn down the funding? My guess is that “I am going to Disney World”, or “I’ll be going to the Dog House”.

    I believe the Feds were foolish to provide funding that can not be sustained. However the School Boards would have been even more foolish if they had turned down the funding as they are struggling with budgets and cuts.

    We can only hope they were able to sneak some of it into their fund balances.

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