Stan Mack is Back…..Almost!

Former “retired” Robbinsdale superintendent Stan Mack was a finalist for the same job in the Duluth district!

The three finalists looking to become the next Superintendent of Duluth Public Schools are being interviewed this week by members of the public and school board.

First on the list is Stan Mack, an executive director for the Minnesota Board of School Administrators in Roseville, Minnesota.  Many residents asked tonight how he would create a diverse staff and address the achievement gap.  Mack explained modeling behavior, staff development and community are important tools in closing the gap.  He also said he’s had years of experience and Duluth could be more progressive.

“Being surrounded by and benefited by competent cultural specialists to help meet with the community to deal with that adaptation of change is a critical aspect of my experience,” said Stan Mack.

Duluth could be more progressive?  Huh?  What is a competent cultural specialist? 

Duluth has apparently not made the mistake we did and hired someone else.

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