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The Magnets/Partnerships Sub-Committee has continued to meet regarding possible magnet opportunities, and are planning to present a final report to the School Board in August.  The committee actively sought input from the community through surveys done in late 2010, and through a community informational night on April 27th, where a small survey was conducted as well.  For more information on the survey results in 2010, please refer to the School Board minutes from December 13, 2010.  The results of the April 27th survey as well as the handout used in the April 27th presentation, are posted below.  The public also posed questions both before, during and after the April 27th informational session.  Answers to those questions can be found by clicking on the Magnet F.A.Q. link below. 

For more information, please contact Tia Clasen, Marketing and Communications Program Director,
at 763-504-8029 or email her at

Here are the district’s links;

Magnet Survey Results and Analysis

Magnet FAQs

Magnets/Partnership Committee meeting handout

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