LAC Advocates for Dayton’s Budget

In the June edition of the Legislative Action Coalition Newsletter, the partisan LAC calls on you to support Mark Dayton’s budget!

As called for in the Minnesota Constitution, on Monday, May 23rd the 2011 Legislative Session ended. It ended without legislative leaders and Governor Dayton finding agreement on how to fund schools, public safety, economic development, human services and other state needs. A special session will be called by the Governor sometime soon to solve our budget impasse.

Then come the scare tactics;

Critical dates to keep in mind:

·  June 30 When, without a budget, the state shuts down.

·  July 4 When all of a sudden everyone who wants to use our
great parks get angry when they aren’t open.

·  And, believe it or not, the first day of school, Sept 6th.
In a government shutdown, schools receive their per-pupil
formula, but little else. How well that will work?

Now here is the kicker;

For education to move forward we need to reach compromise on these two education bills. This discussion will be wrapped up in the compromise of the whole budget deficit solution. Education funding is not a done deal and we need to stay informed and let the Governor and our legislators know how we feel about what is being proposed and its impact on Robbinsdale Area Schools,
our students and their future.

What Can You Do?

Contact Governor Dayton and let him know you support his compromise on the budget. Ask him to remain tough in his resolve for a balanced solution to our budget problems.

Let Dayton know you support him and ask him to remain tough?  So if you don’t support Dayton’s you must not care about the children!  Support a balanced solution?  In other words, advocate more taxes, as if we don’t already pay enough!  If higher taxes were the solution to a balanced budget then states like California, New York, and Michigan should have huge surpluses and robust job growth.  Why don’t they?

Perhaps we’ll just call them the LAC-DFL from now on.

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