Parents United DFL and the LAC-DFL Sing the Same Tune

The Parents United for Public Schools DFL has put out yet another scare letter to their members;

Since May 23, the state budget debate has been the topic of conversation online, on radio talk shows, neighbor and family debates, numerous letters to the editor and op ed pieces. The issues surrounding this debate are deeply rooted. Governor Dayton responded to legislative leaders in his most current letter dated June 20.  Frustration abounds and the partisan attacks make one leery to enter the battle.

Outside of the Capitol several are weighing in with ideas and plans that might move the debate along. The most recent poll shows 63% of the public believe a balanced approach is prudent. Several ideas are laid out in Thursday’s Star Tribune by former Independence candidate for Lt. Governor, Jim Mulder.

Yes tax the rich and watch our jobs go to South Dakota.  Wow, what a new idea!  Funny how they don’t mention the most recent KSTP Survey USA poll;

Going forward, should Minnesota’s government increase spending? Decrease spending? Or continue to spend about the same amount as it has been?
8% Increase
60% Decrease
27% About The Same
5% Not Sure

Would making cuts to state services be acceptable? Or unacceptable? To you?
61% Acceptable
31% Unacceptable
8% Not Sure

So maybe it depends on how you ask the question.  Parents United also doesn’t mention that Republicans have offered to meet Governor Dayton education demands if he will cut other areas, but of course the governor won’t.

Now they tell you to be active;

Don’t walk away—this is a CRITICAL time.
To divert a shutdown, we need a huge outcry from Minnesota.

Email your legislators—we need a compromise

Call them with this message—we need a compromise

  • No one wants to see further cuts
  • No one wins without a compromise
  • No one wants to see Minnesota shut its doors

No one wants cuts?  According to the KSTP Survey USA poll 61% of Minnesotans want cuts and 60% want less spending!  We guess that’s no one.

No one wins without a compromise?  How about the taxpayers?  Oh that’s right; if you don’t want to pay more, and more, and more, and more then you don’t care about the children.

And this one sounds awfully familiar;

Critical dates to keep in mind:

  • June 30, without a budget, the state shuts down
  • July 4, when all of a sudden everyone who want to use our great parks get angry when they aren’t open
  • And believe it or not, the first day of school

Where have we heard this scare tactic; oh that’s right our own Robbinsdale LAC-DFL!  And can someone tell us what the parks not being open has to do with education?

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