Highlights From the Budget Resolution

With budget resolved and their state back in action, here are features from the education portion og the agreement;

*Repeal of the January 15 negotiation deadline and penalty

This is big.  It gets rid of the unfair union advantage in negotiating.

*A $50 increase in the per pupil formula in each of the two years

This is something the so-called Education Party didn’t do in the previous years.

*Not cuts to special education

*Alternative Teachers Licenses

Though the governor and his union buddies took some of the teeth out of this idea, it is still important that this idea get a foothold in our districts.

*More Teacher and Principal evaluations

We aren’t sure about the details here.  We like the idea but only if a bad evaluation has consequences.

*No more shifting our borrowing from the schools

If we understand this right, it means and end to the shifts or holdbacks and other budget gimmicks.

All in all it was a good session for reform, now we just need vouchers.

One Response to “Highlights From the Budget Resolution”

  1. dsellers22 Says:

    Some might ask, “Why isn’t Robinsdale District 281” partnered with a top-notch alternative certification program such as Teach For America?

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