District 281 Launches Facebook Page

Once again from the Sun Post;

Robbinsdale Area Schools has launched a district Facebook page.

The district’s “Discover” newsletter can be directly uploaded onto a person’s Facebook page, it can be tweeted, or it can be posted on a person’s Linked In account. Icons at the top of the e-newsletter will provide those services. “We are constantly thinking of ways to communicate more effectively with families,” said Tia Clasen, District 281’s program director for marketing and communications.

“Our district recently conducted an online survey asking families how the district could be more effective in its communications to them, and social media ranked very prominently,” Clasen said. “We built a user-friendly Facebook page that doesn’t only have news and information, but good resources for families, and links to other pages in the district and the community. More timely communication with families is continuing to prove itself as an influential factor in raising student achievement.”

To view the Robbinsdale Area Schools Facebook page, go to facebook.com/RobbinsdaleAreaSchools.

Everyone go there and click “like!”

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