Unions Can’t Buy Wisconsin

Story from the Hill newspaper;

Democrats picked off seats held by two Wisconsin state senators Tuesday night but failed to capture control of the chamber from Republicans.  Democrats needed to win three of the six seats where Republicans had faced recall elections Tuesday. Republicans held on to four of the seats.

The close results suggest that while the fight over public employee union rights helped energize the Democratic base, Republicans remain motivated after their 2010 wave election. Turnout was unusually high for both parties, especially for a down-ballot, mid-summer election.  Wisconsin could host some important campaigns in 2012. Democratic Sen. Herb Kohl’s retirement means his seat will likely be in play, and President Obama will probably need to hold the Badger State to win reelection. Democrats also hope they can win one or two House seats in the state; they need to win a net of 24 seats to retake control of the House.The fight over public workers’ right to organize into unions will likely continue to be a major issue through next year’s elections in the state, especially if Democrats push to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Recall the governor?  Can’t these union thugs accept election results?  Earth to Union apologizing Democrats; you lost the election in 2010 and you lost the recall election.  The public doesn’t want to just throw money at problems.  The current system is NOT sustainable!  And there is a lesson for Republicans as well; stay strong and trust in the people who voted for you.  Don’t listen to the unions and the liberals in the so-called mainstream media.

Full story is here;


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