Everyday is Earth Day!

Once again, from the good old sun post;

ECFE wins grant

Early Childhood Family Education of Robbinsdale Area Schools has been awarded at $3,000 Environmental Education Grant for 2011-2012 from Hennepin County Environmental Services. Building parents’ awareness of and encouraging participation in public issues such as the environment is a goal of ECFE.

Huh? We thought the goal of early childhood education was to get kids to read and write at a younger age and be kindergarten ready. Isn’t that supposed to reduce the achievement gap?

“We hope to inspire ECFE families to live greener lifestyles as a result of their participation in this Hennepin County Environmental Services grand-funded project,” said Nicki Murphy, ECFE Parent Educator, who was awarded the grant. In addition to the training of staff and parents, lessons will be woven into parent discussion on a weekly basis, a field trip for parents and children is planned, and ECFE will host a garage sale and Earth Day event in the spring.

Training the staff and parents? A parental discussion on a weekly basis? A garage sale? Remember everyday is Earth Day! That makes us all feel good!!

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