Yet Another Great Letter

Once Again from the Sun Post;

Wait on STEAM

Is a STEAM school a good idea for Robbinsdale School District 281? Given the success of Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion, it makes sense that the district is considering this magnet school. RSI is so desirable that many local families enter a lottery every year to get in and many are left on an extensive waiting list hoping to get in. Another specialized school option with a motivated staff and excited families sounds like what most parents want.

I am concerned that the many in-district families who may be excited about the STEAM program will end up on a waiting list. Remember: 33 percent of the STEAM students will be from outside our district. I am also concerned about the other schools in the district. Recently, a report came out on AYP of District 281 schools. I am a parent of an elementary school student (not enrolled in RSI or Zachary Lane). And although it has been determined that AYP testing and NCLB programs are flawed, I am troubled by the results.


I would like to see the school board and the district administration address the problems of the schools we have. How about motivating the current staff and implementing programs that all the families in the district can get excited about? I want to hear ideas that have the potential to benefit all families in the district, not just 66 percent of one school. Once all the schools are on better standing, then it would make sense to see a STEAM school started in the district.

Bonnie Hansen

New Hope

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