Mid-Year Enrollment Reports Are Here

From the January 23 meeting;

There are 11,734 students enrolled in Robbinsdale Area Schools as of January 1, 2012 excluding ALC , tuition,
EC, RTC and PSEO students.  Enrollment is 69 (0.6%) students more than enrollment January 2011.  Enrollment
represents 1.5% more students than original budgeted 2011‐12 enrollment projections. The school year began with 80 more students than projected.  Kindergarten enrollment was higher than projected and enrollment at Plymouth and Cooper was also stronger than projected.  Enrollment since the beginning of the school year has remained very strong particularly at the secondary level.  Changes to the discipline and open enrollment policies have contributed to the strong mid‐year enrollment retention.

So what does the future hold?

The district projects 11,794 students will be enrolled January 2013 based on historical data, trends, birth rates
and other assumptions.  The projections indicate an overall modest increase of 0.5% which includes a small
decrease at the high school level.  January 2013 enrollment projections are used to approximate next year’s
ADM.  These projections will be used to develop the 2012‐2013 revenue budget and to staff the schools at
board‐established ratios.  Using these assumptions, enrollment for school years 2013‐16 is projected to be
relatively constant.   

Here are some links to more information;

Mid-Year Enrollment Report

Enrollment Trends

Enrollment Projections

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