It’s Filing Time!

Candidates for Robbinsdale School Board can file for the Nov. 6 election between July 31 and Aug. 14. The terms of school board members Helen Bassett of Golden Valley, Sherry Tyrrell of Crystal and Barb Van Heel of Robbinsdale expire on Dec. 31. School board members are elected at-large and serve four-year terms.

This is something that really needs to be changed. Making them all at-large seats makes it damn near impossible to campaign. We need to have wards and make sure that all the areas of the district have representation.

Van Heel announced in May that she is not seeking re-election. Tyrrell, who is serving her fifth year on the board, said she is seeking re-election. Bassett was appointed to the board in October 2002 and has served since winning the election in 2003, she said.

“I’m leaning heavily toward running and will file after the 31st,” Bassett said of her plans for this year’s elections. Candidates must file their paperwork with the school district elections clerk in the business office at the Education Service Center, 4148 Winnetka Ave. N. in New Hope.

We will pass along information on who is filing as soon as we get it!

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