Five in the Race for School Board

Andrea J. Bejarano-Robinson and Jeffrey A. Beck have withdrawn their candidacy for District 281 School Board this year. Both officially withdrew on August 1, the last day to so.

Three seats are open on the Robbinsdale School Board. Five are now in the race. Sherry Tyrrell and Helen Bassett are running for re-election while incumbent Barb Van Heel is not.  New candidates include John Vento, Peter Vasseur, and Ron Stoffel.

Residents will vote for three school board members in November’s general election.

We will provide more info on these candidates as soon as we get it.

John Vento announced his campaign in the sun post.

Vento’s article

One Response to “Five in the Race for School Board”

  1. Elizabeth Dueck Watkins Says:

    So can you give us more info now that it’s a day before the election? So far I’m not finding any information at all about Peter Vasseur and the only candidate I feel lines up with my views is Ron Stoffel.

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