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Sandburg 8th-grader suspended for drug, weapon violations

October 11, 2008

From the MN Sun Post:

A 13-year-old eighth-grader at Sandburg Middle School in Golden Valley has been suspended for trying to sell marijuana to other students and carrying a box cutter in his backpack.

The incident involving the New Hope teen occurred on Sept. 22, according to a Golden Valley Police report.

The boy was suspended from Sandburg and has been reassigned to homebound instruction for the remainder of this school year, Sandburg Principal Tom Henderlite said.

Henderlite said the box cutter was found when school officials were searching the boy’s locker and backpack, after he had been found trying to sell marijuana to other students.

The boy also had pages of gang information in his possession, Henderlite said.

The violation was the second for the eighth-grader, who spent 45 days at TASC last year for possession of a look-alike pistol weapon, Henderlite said.

“Our hope is that this young man will be able to work with someone in the district or at a local social agency who can help him,” Henderlite said. “He has a lot of things going in the wrong direction.”

Henderlite said the boy admitted he was trying to sell drugs to the two other students who were with him.

“The consequences for that are more severe than for possession,” he said.