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District 281 Schools’ Self-Funded Insurance Program Causes Big Hike in Premiums

December 1, 2007

This plan was supposed to “combat skyrocketing health care costs,” according to the MN Sun-Post 11/29/07 edition:

In an attempt to combat skyrocketing health-care costs, the District 281 School Board voted in October 2006 to implement self-funded insurance beginning in 2007.

After one year, however, the future of the self-funded insurance program appears to be in question, as employees complaining about 125-percent increases in health care premiums, and at least one employee union threatening to strike over the issue.


281 Teachers Protest Increased Health Insurance Costs

December 1, 2007

From the MN Sun-Post 11/29/07 edition:

A 125-percent increase in 2008 insurance premiums brought a standing-room-only, overflow crowd of more than 100 teachers to the Robbinsdale District 281 School boardroom on Nov. 19.

Though no official listening hour was scheduled, the teachers were given 40 minutes prior to the board’s regular meeting to state their case. Additionally, a 45-minute meeting on the issue was scheduled for Nov. 26 at Cooper High School, after this edition of the Sun-Post went to press.

Brian Dahlen, a social studies teacher at Cooper High School, told the board Nov. 19 that full-time employees will be paying 125 percent more – as much as $1,660 per month for some – for health insurance in 2008.

“This is a gigantic insurance crisis for employees,” Dahlen said. “It will be impossible for many of us to continue working here.”


281 Teacher Health Care Crisis?

November 22, 2007

From SpeedGibson blog:

Our local news, cable Channel 12, is reporting a health care “crisis” in Independent School District 281, the Robbinsdale district that saw its operating levy referendum fail earlier this month. One teacher said his premium is rising by $600 per month. If true, I’d agree this is at least a personal crisis, especially since the collective bargaining agreement is already done and ratified for this period.

My first thought is that this was the TV equivalent of a typo, that they meant $600 per year, not per month. But the interviews with teachers seemed to confirm this. One said she will effectively have a negative check at the end of this month. The general mood is that many teachers will have to move to another district.