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About 281 Exposed

September 30, 2007

This site is dedicated to publishing Robbinsdale school events and issues that District 281 residents need to know. Sugarcoating and throwing more money on failure is not helping our kids, and we have seen the dismal decline of student achievement and safety in our district. 14 out of 16 schools failed Annual Yearly Progress in 2009. Bullying is on the rise, and more officers are being hired to patrol the schools. Bad employees/directors get shifted around instead of getting fired. Three schools closed after another referendum passed, breaking the trust of many parents and citizens after district boundaries were changed. Sadly, three incumbents were re-elected in 2009.

By shining a light on issues and holding leadership accountable, we hope to help Robbinsdale Schools become a great district again. We will not publish gossip, and will provide links to the article source for verification.

If you have a story to contribute (publicly or confidentially), please email us: 281exposed “at”