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Follow-up: Did Patsy Green violate school board code of ethics?

November 14, 2008

Last month, we reported on an improper invite from Keith Ellison’s campaign using Patsy Green’s school board title and mentioning the 281 referendum. We asked the school board if Robbinsdale Schools officially endorsed Ellison, Franken and Obama. Only one response was given by Barb Van Heel:

Robbinsdale Area Schools does not endorse any candidate for office.

However, individual board members do not give up their constitutional rights as citizens to endorse candidates of their choosing, just as other elected officials are allowed to endorse candidates.

Thank you for your question.

Barb Van Heel
School Board Vice-Chair

We acquired the RAS bylaws, highlighting numbers 10-12 of board member duties and ethics:


We feel Patsy Green used her position (by listing her School Board title)  in a partisan way and did not abide by these conduct rules. An Ellison campaign staffer said Green proofed the post card before it went to print. She took advantage of her position to promote a partisan campaign – violating #10, 11 and 12 of the code of ethics.

Contact the school board and ask how they handle ethic violations by school board members.

Is RSD 281 Officially Endorsing Obama, Franken and Ellison?

October 14, 2008

Found at FreedomDogs:

This post card invite was sent to a DFLer in the Robbinsdale School District:

Note Ellison’s plan to “turn out 20,000 voters.” Then, read this snip from the recent Hennepin County Report from Commissioner Peter McLaughlin:

October 2008
Hennepin County endorses the “Restore Your Voice” initiative

The Hennepin County Board unanimously passed a resolution to endorse the “Restore Your Voice” initiative that I introduced on behalf of a collaborative effort by nonprofit and public-sector partners to increase voter registration and turnout among ex-offenders who have completed their sentences.

In the state of Minnesota, individuals serving a sentence as a result of a felony conviction lose their voting rights, but regain them once their full sentence (including parole and probation) is completed. The resolution endorsing “Restore Your Voice” acknowledges that re-enfranchisement of voting rights is an important step for ex-felons in becoming productive members of our communities and regaining a place in society.

Broad voter participation is fundamental to a strong society and Hennepin County strives to promote a welcoming environment for all eligible voters.  “Restore Your Voice” reaffirms our commitment to assure all communities fair access in elections.

With this action, Hennepin County will evaluate ways to increase efforts to communicate with ex-felons of their voting rights and collaborate with “Restore Your Voice” partners, including 180 Degrees, the Council on Crime and Justice, Goodwill Easter Seals, ACLU-Minnesota, ACORN, Family & Children’s Service and the City of Minneapolis, to increase awareness of this issue among residents.

Looks like the Robbinsdale School Board hopes this voter initiative with Ellison and Hennepin County will help pass their referendum in November. Something smells here.

It appears Robbinsdale Schools is endorsing (directly or indirectly) one party’s candidates for US Congress, Senate and President. I also call into question the event venue (at School Board Chair Patsy Green’s home) along with Ellison’s mention of the Robbinsdale School Referendum with a 20,000 voter turnout plan. Given ACORN’s voter fraud investigations in several states, there seems to be something unethical (if not criminal) underfoot to get certain candidates elected and possibly aiding in getting referendums passed. Call Patsy Green at 763-504-7992 or Keith Ellison at 612-522-1212 and ask for an explanation.

(Update October 14): Hennepin County is investigating ACORN for allegations of voter fraud! Go to KSTP for the full story.