Superintendent Stan Mack Has a Plan. No, Really.

The MN Sun-Post published an article January 14 with an update on the school board’s decision on cuts and a school closing. We’re not sure at this writing which letter scenario they’re up to now, but the solutions remain fluid.

Based both on the board’s public discussions in the past six weeks and ongoing input from district residents, Superintendent Stan Mack said in a memo to the School Board Jan. 10, “It appears that we may have a divided Board of Education as well as a divided community.”

Citing “this undesirable outcome,” Mack submitted a new cost-cutting plan that would not include closing a school in 2008-09.

Mack went on the defensive when replying to Ron Stoffel’s letter to the editor asserting that the school board did not properly plan for a referendum failure.

Reacting to a recent letter to the editor in Sun Newspapers from Ron Stoffel of Crystal – who headed a local committee that opposed the district’s failed $9.7 million operating levy referendum in November – Mack said at the Jan. 7 School Board meeting that Stoffel’s assertion that the district has done no planning is “blatantly false and untrue.”

Speaking of planning, they seem to be keen on a mail-in referendum vote option to steal more of our tax dollars to cover their exposed “hides.”

Although district administrators have advised against holding another operating-levy referendum this year, Mack said a seldom-used option – one never used in an urban setting in Minnesota – is available.

A mail-in ballot.

“We wouldn’t have to wait until November,” Mack told the board on Jan. 7. “There are two-week windows in March, May, September and December.”

A mail-in referendum would cost about triple the $30,000 required for a regular election, Mack said, since ballots must be sent by first-class mail to every district household.

“The board has not discussed this, but it is among the possibilities,” he said. “We are prepared to cooperate if a citizen groundswell [comes forward]. We will deal with whatever it takes.”

After the public has witnessed Mr. Mack’s ineptitude and 10+ options (and counting) for cutting costs, Robbinsdale Schools should be prepared to see a groundswell of “No” votes in their inbox.

One Response to “Superintendent Stan Mack Has a Plan. No, Really.”

  1. Connie Taubman Says:

    When will all the divisive rhetoric end? I say “be a hero”, put the gloves back on(please), for our childrens sake. Obviously, some very creative problem solving is required. We all have a vested interest in our schools, and communities, and place of employment. With all these lines, (discipline guidelines, school borderlines, district lines etc. etc…) being crossed how do we enter the fray? Is it time to call The Department of Homeland Security to patrol our boundrylines? They at least, appear to have unlimited funding. Unfunded mandates are insanely foolish…..wreaking havoc in all of our lives, then leaving our schools bankrupt.

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